My official job title at Voice of America is “researcher” for the Chinese Branch’s Mandarin service.  However, last Wednesday I was given my first on-camera audition to be a TV reporter for them.
I would summarize my first attempt as a spontaneous (think “E! News” China style) series of nervous slips reading Chinese characters from a teleprompter, while simultaneously trying to decipher the French cameraman’s directions in sign language.
The video shows me reading intros for two different stories from the prior week’s “Cultural Odyssey”, VOA Chinese Branch’s art, music and entertainment news show.  One was about Michael Phelps smoking weed, and the other one was about the drama surrounding Michael Jackson’s new Thriller play. 
Luckily, the director of the VOA Chinese Branch was kind about my Mandarin and has decided that I will be allowed back in front of the camera for future episodes “out in the field”.  Wish me luck!
P.S.  Check out last week’s show as an example of where I hope more practice will lead me to sound just as professional.