This is it.  The Baijie on the Road 白洁在路上 debut episode.





We took our Chinese audience to Pennsylvania’s Dutch Country, a spot called Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area, and filmed the tens of thousands of migratory snow geese and tundra swans that land there each year for some R&R before they continue flying up to their summer home on the arctic tundra.  I host/narrate the entire feature in Mandarin Chinese. 


This feature was aired on VOA Chinese Branch’s arts and entertainment TV show, Cultural Odyssey 美国万花筒, because it brings together two popular American pastimes that revolve around the birds’ annual weekend trip to PA: birding and hunting.  Birding is the second most popular pasttime in America, the first being gardening.  And hunting, believe it or not, is integral to the survival of the snow geese because they’re overpopuated, and they are literally eating themselves out of house and home on the arctic tundra.  So a controled hunting season would prevent possible sharp snow goose population declines. 


I am very lucky to have the opportunity to learn TV production with the talented VJ’s at VOA.  When my face looks perplexed, they very kindly tell me to relax and smile.  When I mispronounce a Mandarin phrase, they lightheartedly mention that I said “college campus” instead of “snow goose,” so let’s try that line one more time.  Thanks to their encouragement and crash-course lessons, I’m ready to dive in to episode #2.  


Below is the Baijie on the Road 白洁在路上(note: Baijie 白洁is my Chinese name) pilot feature, which was one of two features aired on this week’s Cultural Odyssey episode.  View C.O. here: