This is the first of many webisodes to come.

As a member of VOA China Branch’s online daily download team, I host and produce Wednesday’s segment called “美国人怎么说” or “What Americans say.”  This week we spoke with lawmakers on the Hill and Americans visiting the Capitol about the future of health care in the U.S.  I will soon add a version with English subtitles for you English speakers out there.

My colleague Wu Qiong filmed and produced the first section featuring the health care reform conference, which was held in one of the Senate buildings and hosted by Tom Harkin, Senator from Iowa; and I produced the stand-ups and interviews in the second half of the webisode.  Not only am I still a newbie host, I’m even more of a newbie producer.  However, I’m completely engrossed in learning Final Cut Pro and I feel lucky to have these opportunities to ‘learn by doing.’  

Other feature stories similar to the style of the snow geese story are still in the works and will be finished soon.  We’re off to NYC in July to finish filming the series we started in London.  Much to prepare before filming, and you will have a steady flow of webisodes for your viewing pleasure from now on!